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We provide our clients with complete support in the internationalisation of their business.

The development of personalised strategies, based on the specific requirements of each client, and the planning, implementation and management of all operations required for entering the overseas market are at the heart of what we do.



Accelerated Mergers and Acquisitions at companies or businesses


Quabbala Limited can assist you in achieving your merging and acquisition goals by utilizing our extensive network to identify potential targets that fit your acquisition criteria, valuing the prospective acquisitions, and assist in negotiating and structuring the transaction once a suitable target is identified. A successful merger and acquisition process is a challenging undertaking as quality acquisition opportunities are very difficult to find



In order to achieve these objectives, the consultancy we offer our clients is not limited to a single service but rather takes the form of continual support, maintained for the entire duration of the relationship.


To offer a service that is designed and conceived for each client, we study all aspects that could influence the project’s success, starting with a fiscal analysis, based on the arrangements in place in the particular jurisdictions.


Our comprehensive analysis ensures project feasibility and efficiency.


Launching a company in the UK offers many advantages:


Quick incorporation: the company can be incorporated and operating immediately in one day, without the signature of a Notary Public or lawyer.


Minimum taxation: Corporation tax currently stands at 19%, but by 2020 the rate will be 18%. The tax rules of the UK jurisdiction are also considered to be among the most advantageous.


Very low costs of incorporation and no obligation of payment on subscribed share capital.


London is a marketplace that rewards risk, initiative and preparation. It is therefore very important to be able to rely on local qualified and professional experts.